Distinct, Eye-Catching Artwork

Add a touch of unique, vibrant beauty to your home or office with my exceptional art. My artwork has evolved over time, as I have worked in many different mediums. Having worked with watercolors in my youth, I have since chosen a fresh medium. Whether you're looking to spruce up a room in your home or decorate an office area, my paintings are an excellent choice. 

How I Create My Paintings

Creating detailed scenic paintings takes many hours because of how intricate the work can be. Each dot and line must be precisely placed to create a larger picture. Once completed, my paintings are filled with rich color, including the warm and cool tones that you would naturally see on the horizon.

My Inspiration

My surroundings are typically my greatest inspiration for painting. I draw inspiration from walking on the beach or sitting at a local park watching children play. These environments allow me to hone in on exactly what I want to share with the world in my next painting.

Landscape with Wild Flowers


My paintings feature a variety of outdoor themes. I have paintings I created during my travels to Victoria, British Columbia, as well as various locations throughout southern Florida. These environments are a realization of my vision as an artist, with their beautiful architecture and bustling towns blooming with flowers.

Those visiting Florida come for the beautiful beaches and picturesque views they see on television or on postcards. Likewise, many visitors stop at my gallery after seeing my eye-catching art from the street.

My work may be printed in sizes from 8 inches by 10 inches to large sizes such as 3 feet by 5 feet. When you purchase one of my pieces, you will always have a one-of-a-kind painting as a way to relive fond memories of Florida or simply as an inspiring conversation piece.

Beautiful Tulips